¦ jambient (jennijube) wrote in iconartistic,
¦ jambient

An Apology!!

oh my gosh oh my gosh. I'm SO sorry everyone! I know I said I was going to post a challenge on wednesday, but I had two exams on thursday and ended up going to sleep early and completely forgetting to post it!

So instead of completely messing up the schedule, I'll just post a new challenge a bit earlier, probably on monday instead of the usual wednesday, and just let you guys have more time to work on the new icons. I'm SO so so sorry.

So, in the meantime, please go enter the Frida Challenge and to make up for screwing up, I'll try to enter a few too ;)

sorry again everyone. please don't hate me too much! ♥ (on the bright side, exams are done, so hopefully I'll be able to dig up a good challenge for you all ♥)
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