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Week 53 Theme: Quilts

Alright people. I am here. haha. Thanks to those who were understanding of, well, life :)

As you can see, your next challenge is to work with quilts! Luckily, I'm not asking you to make any..although that would also be fun.

In my usual lazy fashion, you may use any of the quilts featured on this link. (Which is ironically asking for people to look for their stolen quilts, so uh, if you see any of them..)

Quilter By Design

I know what you're all waiting for..one of my crazy restrictions, and here it is!

You MUST have the letter "Q" somewhere on your icon. It can be in a pattern of some sort, you could simply put the word "quilt" in there (and omg, I typed qord at first..) or it could be something as subtle as the qp in my icon. *points*

[x]Only use the pictures provided in the link//no premade work
[x]animations welcome//other brushes and textures welcome as well
[x]two entries per person
[x]follow general community rules

Deadline: Wednesday May 3rd @ 11:59pm. (omg it's almost may)
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