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Week 54: Are We Alive? [04 Jun 2006|06:49pm]
...No, we are certainly not an active community, as you can see. This is because since we have had such low turnout for the weekly challenges, colorfilter has been trying to decide exactly what to do with this community. I did not put up the next challenge, but I have decided to come and put up a last challenge before Tea announces what will happen to this community.

This is not a week-long challenge - instead, I want you to submit ONE icon to see who will be interested in participating. Sort of like a poll. I'll leave it up for a while, and if we get more than 15 entries I guess we can put up a new challenge.

The theme this week is Life. Find a painting, image of a sculpture, piece of digital art (perhaps made by you? :P) or any kind of image of art that you think depicts the idea of life, or the meaning of life or whatnot. There are plenty of things you could do - from a painting of a baby, to the drawing of a flower, or even a photograph of some sort! It's up to you. Choose your own pictures - but remember this is an art-oriented community, so we want the images to be some form of art and not just a stock-image or something.

Have fun! Submit your entries as a comment to this post.
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Week 53 Winners: Quilts [08 May 2006|01:07am]

hey! I'm kind of on time for once!!

square by square..Collapse )

Congrats to all the winnars ;)

Okay, I will start hacking away at the banners on tuesday and hopefully have some up then. In the meantime, camelliastar, is there supposed to be a new challenge up? and thanks to scwolf_10k for workin' on the banners! We really appreciate it :)
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Week 53 Voting: Quilts [04 May 2006|09:47pm]

Good thing I'm late because we got a last minute entry, making our total turnout an awesome 13 icons :)

quilted cozyCollapse )

[x]do not vote anonymously
[x]do not vote for yourself
[x]vote for first, second and third otherwise your votes won't count

Voting Deadline: Sunday May 7 @ 11:59 pm
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Banners for week 52: Frida Kahlo [03 May 2006|12:53pm]

banners for scwolf_10k, bobomagickicons, gypsie_moon and lookslikerainCollapse )
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Week 53 Reminder: Quilts [01 May 2006|03:36pm]

Hello everyone, hope your May is starting well :)

You know what would make it better? If you entered the challenge. *nod* really ;). As of right now, we only have two entries totaling 3 icons. WE NEED MORE. We need at least 3 more people to enter, otherwise the challenge will have to be extended.

So, once again, I ask you to please go and enter the Quilt Challenge. The icons are due Wednesday @ 11:59pm :) Thank you..and hopefully you guys have sunshine to enjoy like me!
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Week 53 Theme: Quilts [25 Apr 2006|12:37am]

Alright people. I am here. haha. Thanks to those who were understanding of, well, life :)

As you can see, your next challenge is to work with quilts! Luckily, I'm not asking you to make any..although that would also be fun.

In my usual lazy fashion, you may use any of the quilts featured on this link. (Which is ironically asking for people to look for their stolen quilts, so uh, if you see any of them..)

Quilter By Design

I know what you're all waiting for..one of my crazy restrictions, and here it is!

You MUST have the letter "Q" somewhere on your icon. It can be in a pattern of some sort, you could simply put the word "quilt" in there (and omg, I typed qord at first..) or it could be something as subtle as the qp in my icon. *points*

[x]Only use the pictures provided in the link//no premade work
[x]animations welcome//other brushes and textures welcome as well
[x]two entries per person
[x]follow general community rules

Deadline: Wednesday May 3rd @ 11:59pm. (omg it's almost may)
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Week 52 Winners: Frida Kahlo [25 Apr 2006|06:26pm]
Man, Frida's paintings are so gorgeous.

here are your lovely winnersCollapse )

Congrats to the winners!
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Week 52 Voting [22 Apr 2006|08:32pm]
Awww. Only 9 entries. Waaah. Oh well. They were all great, though!

Vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

frida frida FRIDA!Collapse )

[x] Don't vote for yourself and don't ask people to vote for you, please!
[x] No anonymous voting.
[x] You must have ALL votes in your post or your votes won't count.

Voting Deadline: Sunday 24 April (I can't believe it's already April!!)
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An Apology!! [21 Apr 2006|11:46pm]

oh my gosh oh my gosh. I'm SO sorry everyone! I know I said I was going to post a challenge on wednesday, but I had two exams on thursday and ended up going to sleep early and completely forgetting to post it!

So instead of completely messing up the schedule, I'll just post a new challenge a bit earlier, probably on monday instead of the usual wednesday, and just let you guys have more time to work on the new icons. I'm SO so so sorry.

So, in the meantime, please go enter the Frida Challenge and to make up for screwing up, I'll try to enter a few too ;)

sorry again everyone. please don't hate me too much! ♥ (on the bright side, exams are done, so hopefully I'll be able to dig up a good challenge for you all ♥)
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Week 48 Theme: American Patriotism banners [21 Apr 2006|03:00am]

Congratulations to the winners and again, appologies for the delay ^_^

Banners for jennijube, icontestlove, jessiesquash, i_introduce_me and itlingCollapse )
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