no. (camelliastar) wrote in iconartistic,

Week 54: Are We Alive?

...No, we are certainly not an active community, as you can see. This is because since we have had such low turnout for the weekly challenges, colorfilter has been trying to decide exactly what to do with this community. I did not put up the next challenge, but I have decided to come and put up a last challenge before Tea announces what will happen to this community.

This is not a week-long challenge - instead, I want you to submit ONE icon to see who will be interested in participating. Sort of like a poll. I'll leave it up for a while, and if we get more than 15 entries I guess we can put up a new challenge.

The theme this week is Life. Find a painting, image of a sculpture, piece of digital art (perhaps made by you? :P) or any kind of image of art that you think depicts the idea of life, or the meaning of life or whatnot. There are plenty of things you could do - from a painting of a baby, to the drawing of a flower, or even a photograph of some sort! It's up to you. Choose your own pictures - but remember this is an art-oriented community, so we want the images to be some form of art and not just a stock-image or something.

Have fun! Submit your entries as a comment to this post.
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