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iconartistic's Journal

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For Icons Inspired By Art
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Welcome to iconartistic, an icon challenge community that focuses on icons inspired by art of all kinds. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, computer art, and miscellaneous ads or spreads are all among the themes that can be used for icons posted here. If you're tired of movie/celebrity icons and want to try something refreshing, then why don't you give this a go- even better if you love art. ;)

If you have any suggestions for themes, artists, artwork, or pictures- please feel free to post them here.

*/ R U L E S

01. You must be a member in order to participate and submit icons for the weekly challenges.
02. Do not vote for your own icon. You will be disqualified. 2nd strike here and you're banned.
03. All icons must be optimized for standard LiveJournal usage, meaning within 100x100, under 40kb, and in .jpg .gif .png formats only.
04. All submitted icons should be made new by you for the contest here and here alone. Please don't dig out an old icon or use the same icon being entered in another contest. If you've submitted an icon you did not make, you will automatically be banned.
05. Your icons must be kept anonymous until the contest is over and winners have been posted. Do not advertise or show your submitted icon to other users and don't get your friends to vote for you.
06. Each challenge may have its own additional unique rules. Please pay attention to them.
07. Do not take any icons posted here unless you've received permission from the maker.
08. In the event that you can choose your own pictures to icon, please remember that this is an art oriented community- which means your image source needs to be geared towards art and not celebs, movies, etc.
09. Unless specified otherwise, you are allowed to submit only one icon per challenge.

Note: Community maintainer and/or moderators are allowed to enter in challenges as long as it's not during their own theme week.

And finally, please respect all members of this community. Don't cause any drama and don't bash any winners or be nasty about losing. Doing so will only get you banned.

*/ S C H E D U L E

• Submission Period: When new theme goes up, around Wednesday [11am EST] - Wednesday [10am EST]
• Voting Period: Wednesday [11am EST] - Friday [10am EST]

Basically, this means when the voting post goes up- a new theme will be posted soon after so that you can begin making your icons while waiting for the voting results. You will have approximately 1 week to make your icons and 2 days to cast your vote. The winners are then announced on Friday afternoon.

*/ S U B M I T T I N G

[x] Icons submitted needs to be hosted on a site that allows direct linking. Photobucket is one of the more popular choices.
[x] Icons should be submitted as a comment to the post that contained the new challenge theme info. All submissions will be screened and anonymous.
[x] Include the image, URL, and username when submitting; here's an example-


*/ V O T I N G

[x] You must be logged in to vote. No anonymous posts allowed.
[x] You will cast your favorite icons via screened comments/poll in the voting post.
[x] You may only vote once.
[x] You may not vote for your own icon.
[x] Your vote will not count if you don't follow any of the rules stated above.

Please always pay attention to any instructions listed on the actual voting post. In general, you will vote in the order of preference since your votes will be given weight. 1st place (3pts), 2nd place (2pts), 3rd place (1pt). Then we tally up the points/votes, etc.

Our voting categories will consist of 1st, 2nd, 3rd place plus a special category for "Best Use of Theme". Occasionally, a different special category may be used. This will be chosen at the mod's discretion and usually done when it's appropriate or applicable towards the specific theme of the week. Also, in the event where we have 13 or more entries, an extra Mod's Choice winning icon will also be picked. We will not have a 3rd Place if there are less than 8 entries. In the event that there are 5 or less entries, we will either extend the challenge or only have a 1st place and Special Category winners.

*/ W I N N E R S

For faster and easier reference- all challenge details, entries, winners, and banner posts will be archived at the community memories. You can find them all neatly organized as well. And yes, winners will receive banners. :)

*/ F I N A L

Affiliates: (let me know if you'd like to affiliate)

Community Owner: colorfilter
Co-Moderators: luna_buffay, camelliastar, jennijube
Banner Makers: quitty, luna_buffay, camelliastar, jennijube

• Suggestions? Contribute Here.

• Images used on the community's layout and default icon comes from Botticelli's Birth of Venus painting.

If you'd like to link here, I'd appreciate it. Please feel free to use a text link or the button below. However, please upload the image to your own server. Thank you!

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